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Floss Like A Boss Bundle

Floss Like A Boss Bundle

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Introducing the Floss Like A Boss Bundle. This bundle is recommended by UK Dental Professionals and the best way to floss by cleaning between teeth and below the gum where other devices miss. Clinical proven results at-home.

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"I love this buddle! Works very effectively at removing pre-plaque and food particles otherwise left by tooth brushes and interdental brushes."

- Lauren M.


Everything you need to know

What's in the bundle?

Floss Like A Boss Bundle Includes:

1x Cordless Water Flosser

1 x Tongue Brush

1 x Tongue Scraper

1 x Mini Dental Floss

1x USB Charging Cable

1x Manual


Water Flosser:

3 mode options to ensures you can personalise the pressure to your individual mouth.

Soft - Suitable for people with braces or with implants.

Medium - Suitable for daily cleaning, effective remove food debris.

Strong - Strong water pressure effective cleaning oral dental.

Extra large 230ml water reservoir allows you to thoroughly clean the scales and dental plaque without having to constantly refill.

Tongue Brush & Scraper:

✔ Ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles reach deep into the uneven crevices of your tongue to loosen bacteria.

✔ Built-in scraper collects and removes the bacteria and residue generated from brushing for cleaner breath.

Guarantees to remove 99.99% of food residue


✘ Not recommended for children under the age of 8.

✔ Only buy CE & UL certified Water Flossers

✔ Please make sure to wash your mouth with warm water after use.

Instructions & Tips

Water Flosser Instructions:

Simply ensure you have charged your Water Flosser, one quick full charge will last you a few weeks!

1. Place water into the 270ml water tank, we recommend lukewarm.

2. Aim the 360 directly into your mouth.

3. Turn on your device and select the mode you would like, whether it's soft, medium or strong!

4. Target those hard to reach areas

We recommend using the Water Flosser prior to toothbrushing: Removing food and debris enhances the effectiveness of both toothbrushing and toothpaste. Instructing patients to use it first improves compliance.

Tongue Scraper & Tongue Brush Instructions:

1. Moisten tongue with water or mouth wash.

2. Open your mouth. You'll want to open your mouth as wide as is comfortable, but not so wide that it causes discomfort. This makes your tongue more accessible and increases the ease of scraping.

3. Remove the residue generated from brushing, by scraping your tongue with the scraper.

4. Repeat this process until you notice residue from your tongue has been removed.

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